Friendly Divorce GuidebookaboutClick to buy bookThe award-winning Friendly Divorce Guidebook for Colorado: How to Plan, Negotiate, and File Your Divorce is a "great" how-to manual for people who want to do their own divorce together, to be fair, and to avoid the hurt, anger, and misunderstanding, and heavy costs usually associated with the adversarial process.

Written by M. Arden Hauer of Friendly Divorce in Evergreen and Denver West, the Friendly Divorce Guidebook for Colorado helps you understand your options as well as your emotions.

It can help you through negotiations with each other, the decision-making process, separating, taking care of your children at a difficult time, paperwork, the legal process, taxes. It contains:

  • Checklists of things to gather and do
  • Examples of ways to divide your assets
  • Tax information, how to save money
  • Tips for creating your Parenting Plan and arranging child support
  • The new Maintenance Guideline and how to use it
  • Guidance for how to discuss maintenance (alimony)
  • Sample Court forms with instructions
  • Downloadable, fillable court forms are free online
  • Sample wording for writing your own Separation Agreement.


Original Publication of the Friendly Divorce Guidebook for Colorado

Publication of the Friendly Divorce Guidebook for Colorado, 1st edition in 1995, was a breakthrough towards do-it yourself divorce, by putting into ordinary lay English, the explanation of the complex legal and tax issues involved, making it all accessible.

“You don't have to be a lawyer to understand these things,” Hauer says. “I often find that once couples understand the law and how things work and why, they are much more able and ready to make agreements. It's easy to get confused and lost, and therefore afraid, when you don't understand what's going on.”

Friendly Divorce

Friendly Divorce Guidebook for Colorado by M. Arden Hauer, M.A., J.D.

The Friendly Divorce Guidebook for Colorado: How to Plan, Negotiate and File Your Divorce, new 9th edition, is a great how-to for those who want to do their divorce themselves, or to help them understand what their lawyers are saying. Along with tips for negotiating, it Includes pictures of court forms with instructions, plus free downloadable fillable forms.

This edition includes the new Maintenance Guideline, revisions to the Child Support Guideline, civil unions, and same-sex marriage.

Awarded a Best of Denver from Westword: "Best Directions to Splitsville".

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