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You can resolve your property division, parenting plan (custody, visitation), debts, child support, and maintenance (alimony) in an amicable way in mediation. The mediator works with both of you, as a neutral, to help you reach agreement. It's always important to plan for the tax effects of your agreement as well, and the mediator can help with that too.

MediationThe mediator writes up the agreement you reach, to be used as your final agreement in court, and can assist you with your other court paperwork, or prepare the documents for you, if you wish.

In mediation you make the decisions and agreements, not the mediator. The mediator provides legal and other information and explanations that help you to have the conversation and negotiation that you need to have with each other to resolve all these matters. You stay in the driver's seat, instead of letting someone else, lawyers or the court, make your decisions for you.