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Friendly Divorce - Evergreen

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M. Arden Hauer, M.A., J.D.

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Is Mediation right for us?

Divorce Mediation

We offer divorce mediation services, live or virtual in Evergreen, and virtually throughout the entire state of Colorado.

Save time and a great deal of money by working together in divorce mediation and planning:

  • If your marriage is long or short.
  • If your financial picture is large or small.
  • If you do or do not have children.

Through mediation, Friendly Divorce – Evergreen can help you create your divorce agreement and complete your court papers, so you can avoid an expensive and painful fight.

You can resolve these and many other issues, in an amicable way in mediation:

  • Your property division 
  • Debts 
  • Parenting plan (custody and visitation) 
  • Child support 
  • Maintenance (alimony)

Expert divorce mediator Arden Hauer, works with both of you, as a neutral. She doesn’t take sides. She works to help you reach agreement. You can plan for the tax effects of your agreement as well.

As a mediator, Arden will  write up whatever agreement you reach, to be used as your final agreement in court, and can assist you with your other court paperwork.

In mediation you make the decisions and agreements, not the mediator. The mediator provides legal and other information and explanations that help you to have the conversation and negotiation that you need to have with each other to resolve these matters. You stay in the driver’s seat, instead of letting someone else, lawyers or the judge, make your decisions for you. 


Mediation Leads to Greater Satisfaction

Divorced and married couples can be proud of the respectful and dignified manner in which they handled something very difficult at a difficult time. Long term satisfaction with your agreement depends on two factors:
  • A deep sense that you have been fair to yourself
  • The same deep sense that you have been fair to the other. “Fair” here includes respect
Children benefit greatly when their parents divorce amicably. Evidence shows that parents who mediate their divorce are far more apt to have continued parental and family relationships in the future, than those who argue in court. In other words, children’s long term relationships with both parents are far more likely to be supported in a friendly process. Contact us today, and find out whether mediation is appropriate for your situation, and to discuss your options. Some people call us individually, and others schedule a time when both spouses or partners can be on the line, a conference call.
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Call Now To See If Our Services are a Good Fit For Both of You.
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“We have some problems, but we don’t want to divorce. What can we do?”
Arden Hauer

Over 30 Years Experience in Divorce Mediation

In more than 30 years of experience in mediation, we have seen hundreds of divorcing couples be honest, trusting and trustworthy, have meaningful communication, and cooperate fully to come to agreement, rather than engage in the long, expensive and destructive adversarial process with the court making decisions for you. 

Meetings at Friendly Divorce are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, weekdays and Saturday mornings.


In-person meetings are at the Evergreen Terraces building, straight across from Cactus Jack’s, near the dam and the 73/74 intersection in Evergreen. Located near the Golden, Morrison, Conifer, and Genesse areas.

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